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Need Help With Your Business? 

From tackling personal decisions to reaching important corporate milestones, Partners Globe is ready to guide you on the path of success. 

Business Assistance & Market Entry

We are coordinating all formalities to establish your new business in Europe. We provide a wide range of services aimed at evaluating and supporting your company’s business strategy. To this end, we work with experts and partners in the business, finance and technology areas. We also participate in projects related to Business Intelligence.

EU Affairs & Lobbying

We are coordinating your relations with officials and institutions at the EU level and other private contacts in Europe and providing lobbying services to raise the profile of your organization and client. We also represent your firm and/or your clients at events and organizations to enhance your community profile within the European Union. We do also organize events on EU affairs.


We are the ideal partner to prepare your roadmap related to the EU projects. We look forward to assisting you in your first steps towards European projects.

Global Educational Services

We have close partnerships with a large variety of universities, institutions, private schools together with language schools and courses all over the world. We represent students and universities and provide individual and collective career mentorship. We assist students with the entire application process as well as accommodation, visa and other needs while studying abroad. 

We also organize and coordinate educational events, professional certificate programs and trainings.

Operational Assistance & Ethnic Marketing

We combine the language expertise and operational capabilities you need to engage the global consumer with the greatest impact. We help you meet global and local demands simultaneously to deliver relevant and compelling marketing content without sacrificing quality, consistency, or efficiency. 

As the world becomes more and more culturally diverse, we are focusing on ethnic marketing, meaning that implementing a marketing mix that reflects the attitudes, values and preferences of ethnic groups in Europe. Our creative team ensures that your ads are constructed in a clear and concise way and in the most relevant language for the respective community. Our team has conducted several street actions with proven track record. Through aur extensive mapping of all the ethnic districts in Belgium and in Europe, we deliver your message at the right time and place. Our frames at the ethnic districts and shops ensure your brand visibility in the targeted communities. We make sure that all of our frames are placed in highly frequented locations with high visibility.


Regulatory Consulting

Our specialized services include advising public and private-sector clients on regulatory matters. We focus on International, EU and Turkish law and we conduct periodical regulatory analysis and researches in order to formulate strategic opinions on time more effectively and maintain you fully updated in all relevant fields of EU law. We also monitor, analyze and interpret legal developments related to the EU affairs for specified sectors and markets. We do not provide consultancy services for Belgian law, but we can guide you to find the correct contact points.  

International Trade & Investment 

We define and promote key strategic advantages of your destination or business in order to attract investment through: compelling video; trade missions; website development; media relations; events; and more. We are also dealing with registration and conclusion of foreign trade contracts and procedures. We collaborate with your and our foreign partners on all international commercial activities. 

Communication Support & Media Strategy Consulting


We propose consulting our clients on media and communications strategy - particularly in relation to on western/eastern media engagement. We explore how best to engage with journalists and media likeliest to offer balanced reporting on issues pertaining to your business, society, company or association. We organize media roundtable events together with training sessions. 

We build corporate reputation and enhance the profile of your senior executives through reputation management, corporate positioning, benchmarking, board communications, business consulting, CEO/executive transitions and positioning, change management, employee engagement and organizational change, corporate media relations, spokesperson training, thought leadership platform development, message architecture, corporate storytelling, presentation training, digital communications and many more.

Research, Project and Strategy Development

Our business strategy consulting research practice focuses on offering both qualitative and quantitative research solutions including market research, business research, and consulting research services. A combination of strong secondary and primary research, multi-lingual capabilities, collective domain & industry expertise has helped us deliver a range of simple to complex research solutions to our clients.

Public Affairs, Government Relations & Policy 

We navigate complex regulatory and policy environments successfully on a local, regional, national or global level through policy monitoring, policy research and analysis, legislation monitoring (mainly European and Turkish Legislation), direct advocacy, stakeholder mapping and engagement, grassroots engagement, online engagement, ally development and coalition building, antitrust and competition, trade and investment, public evaluation campaigns, partnership development, social engagement, issues advertising and many more.

Issues Management 

When you face an unforeseen crisis,  we do our best to protect your brand and the valuation and reputation of your company or organization. We demonstrate command of a situation through active communications and ensure accurate representation of facts in the media and by other third parties to reduce legal and/or political consequences and to ensure business continuity

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